Tony and Lydia have been working together for more than 8 years on creative projects from feature films to retail stores to books about old food. 

They come from different backgrounds but share an enthusiam for big ideas, telling stories, experimentation, colors, dogs, pasta, and hard work.

(also, they are married)

Tony co-founded Bobby Redd—a multi-disciplinary design studio—and served as Creative Director until he and his partners sold the company in early 2020.

Tony also has a background as a filmmaker,  directing feature films,  short docs, and branded content.

When not working, Tony likes to make lamps, solve crossword puzzles, eat sandwiches, and read wikipedia.

Lydia started her career in film and theater before working as a Designer and Creative Director.

She has worked on feature films, commercials, web-series, music videos,  and immersive shows. She  collaborates frequently with Pigpen Theatre Co.

When not working, Lydia likes to go on long walks, doodle sunsets, eat vegetables, experiment with shadow puppets, and take pictures of colorful things.