A24 - Uncut Gems - Pop-Up 

Creative Direction / Experiential Design

A weekend pop-up in the heart of the Diamond District provided fans an immersive Uncut Gems experience. The shop featured the characters, sets, jewelry, and wardrobe from the film alongside never-before-seen footage, interactive elements, and exclusive merch.

Ground Floor was occupied by jewelers who were in the film and from the block showcasing over $1M worth of jewels, as well as jewelry cleaning and special edition merchandise.

featured a “man-trap” gif-booth entryway to a re-creation of the KMH showroom which featured iconic props, wardrobe, and jewelry pieces from the film including the diamond-encrusted Furbies, The Wknd’s wig, Kevin Garnett’s shoes and Adam Sandler’s jewelry.

Agency: Ludlow Grey
Client: A24
Fabrication: Bednark Studio
Still Photos: by Mark Sommerfeld and Seher
Press: W Mag, The Hollywood Reporter, Hypebae, Page Six, AdWeek, The Culture Files