Double Solitaire is the
creative partnership of
Tony Blahd and Lydia Fine.

We partner with brands, agencies, and institutions.

We can be an in-house team or an outside eye.

Select Clients ︎︎︎
Brands / Institutions: Girls Who Code, A24, The Museum of Modern Art, Native, Welly, Tumblr, Hulu, Ray Ban, Allbirds, Usual Wine, Adidas, Shinola, Zak Eyes, Naadam, Zola, The Black Tux, Kiva, Virgin Voyages, Viacom, Hasbro, Blackstone, Burrow

Agencies / Studios:Red Antler, Franklyn, Little Moving Pictures, All Good Things, Yours Truly, Bobby Redd, 72&Sunny, Mirrorball, GoodStory, Ghost Robot

We are proud multi-disciplinary multi-hyphenates.

Capabilities ︎︎︎
Film + PhotographyDirection / Creative Direction / Photography / Animation / Motion Graphics

Experiential + LiveEvents / Theatrical + Immersive / Public Art / Exhibition Design / Retail Design

Brand Visual Identity / Naming / Copywriting / Visual Strategy / Campaigns / Packaging / Print + Editorial

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