Glimpses of Narcissus

Site Specific Installation 

A series of reflective Phenakistoscopes — 19th century animation devices — that re-examine the myth of Narcissus.

The Phenakistoscopes (whose Greek roughly translates to “deceitful viewer) are each a set of mirrored discs. When viewers spin the outer disc and look through the slits, the animations come to life.

One of the Phenakistoscopes depicts the mythic Narcissus, transfixed by his reflection in the pond, while below, a daffodil (a flower believed to have sprouted where he died) grows and sprouts endlessly.

The remaining two Phenakistoscopes present the modern Narcissus, consumed with his digital self-image, endlessly gazing into his 21st century reflection pond.

Glimpses of Narcissus was commisioned by Little Island as a part of the 2021 Little Island Storytelling Festival. The pieces were used by thousands of park-goers over the course of 5 days.

Year: 2021
Creative Direction: Double Solitaire
Commissioned by: Little Island
Build: Standard Transmission