Zendesk: A Closer Look

Some educational social spots explaining how generative AI works in customer service.




Direction: Double Solitaire
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

Production: Little Moving Pictures
EP: Jeremy Summer
Line Producer: Carly Alvarado
Director of Photography: Bart Cortright
1st AC: Grace Pendelton
2nd AC: John Arnos
Gaffer: Mike Kohlbrenner
Key Grip: Denver Milord
Production Design: Brad Bailey
Lead Person: Cyrus Howlett
Props: Ursula Barker
Art Assists: Conor Callahan, Reece Koetter
Wardrobe: Elena Lark
HMU: Deborah Altizio
PAs: Neil Casey, Ryder Schumacher


Game provided by Online Solitaire

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Double Solitaire